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Minimalistic fashion with gender blurring aesthetic. This brand has a unique approach to minimalist. Their progressive designs experiment with contemporary styles. Based in Stockholm, the designer focuses on high quality production and fashion-forward styling. The concept is to experiment with men’s fashion. By working between the boundaries of femininity and masculinity; MLTV Clothing strives to develop new expressions and sensations.
Anna Sjunnesson founded MLTV Clothing in spring 2012 with a vision to create clothes for the modern man. Good quality, long lasting clothing and few middlemen during the production are important compounds of the MLTV brand. By reducing transports and by standing for a big part of the productions process herself, Anna can keep the impact on the environment at a minimum. All pieces are made in Europe and come only in limited numbers. 
ELKEL is currently the only store in NYC to carry MLTV.
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