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Another Place

we are what we are. there's no escape.
in fact, it is. but is this pattern that we fled.
the conventional. the straight and predictable line.
we are curved, that's the idea.
a pattern with no pattern, totally unconventional.
we are deconstruction. outside the box. no labels
because the old stereotypes are gone.
we respect the human being as all that is.
male or female. because clothings are an expression and everyone
can and should use what they want and what fits
regardless of gender, style or profession.
humanity does not fit into the same box or closet. 
so we born to dress everyone without make gender difference. 
because we believe that you can’t be original without making

a difference in the world. 
you can not have attitude without breaking paradigms. 
you can’t have an opinion and repeat the same formula.
that's it. we make clothes with ideas, less rules.
born like this, out of the curve and the closet.
we want something else. something new.
we assume along with you
the way we are here or another place.
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